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Photos: Simon Bouffard
VizStudio offers innovative solutions to facilitate the integration of your projects into the environment.

Rapid Prototyping

Our design specialists (urban planners, architects, landscape architects and sculptors) use state-of-the-art, real-time project design and visualization tools, which enable them to rapidly develop prototypes of numerous variants of the same project. They can control the precision of a complex 3D environment from the very outset of a project, making as many upgrades as necessary until its form is finalized. With these systems, our team can integrate different 2D and 3D digital file formats generated by satellite-based sensors, airborne scanners or earth sensors. Analytical tools also enable real-time measurement of the evolution of a project’s various landscape components.

Decision-making Tools

We offer a complete range of visual-simulation services: photosimulation, computer-generated images and animation, schematic representation of large geographical areas and real-time viewing.

Underlying each of these simulation techniques is a rigorous, systematic approach to visual analysis—setting them apart from the basic communications products currently on the market, whose usage is limited essentially to promotional purposes.

Depending on your needs, our experts (biologists, geographers and geomaticians) are also able to employ a variety of tools and methods to conduct multicriteria and multi-stakeholder analyses (e.g., Decision Lab 2000 with Promethee I & II analytical methods, Gaia)

Communications Tools

In order to ensure effective positioning of your project, we have a number of specialists on our team, including graphic designers, technical writers and computer experts, who can help you build the communications tools you need.

Specialized Studies

Our land-development professionals are also qualified to deliver, as a complement to our other services, a range of specialized studies that are frequently required as part of the environmental assessment process for major projects.

Cuztomized Corporate Training

Development of Continued Studies Program, Workshops - Conferences and Remote Training.

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