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Photos: Simon Bouffard
Environmental aesthetics are now, more than ever, an integral part of all land-development strategies. That’s why we created VizStudio.


Please note that we have joined forces with GENIVAR, a Canadian multidisciplinary engineering firm, in November 2007. We invite you to visit GENIVAR's site at:


We specialize in the development of VISUAL INSERTION CONCEPTS. Our objective is to help ensure the harmonious and context-sensitive integration of your projects into the existing landscape, with a special focus on projects in sectors such as transportation, energy, rehabilitation of industrial sites, forestry and environment.

VizStudio is first and foremost a network of environmental, design and communications experts, each of whom can be called in to contribute to a project according to the nature of the undertaking and the type of solution sought.

Our specialists are backed by the latest computer-assisted design and visualization technologies. Visual simulation is a useful tool not only for communications purposes but also for step-by-step project planning—from conducting opportunity studies and monitoring on-site work to carrying out the various activities related to the environmental assessment process.

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