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Etienne Schmieder, industrial engineer

Graduate in 1996 from the school of Industrial Technique and the Textiles, as a French engineer in Automatism and Industrial data processing, Étienne Schmieder leaves his native land to settle in Quebec in 1998. Member of the Order of the Engineers of Quebec, and graduate in Industrial engineering, he then began his career as an industrial engineer in the Montreal textile industry with like prime objective optimization of the production flow by the means of an adequate planning system. Pushing collaboration in between various services for a better agreement in the management of the capacity and the management of the deadlines, the system effectiveness is not made wait.

After this first success, he is then recruited as operations support manager in a logistic center of Nortel Networks. Framing about fifteen specialists working in fields as diversified as data-processing support, software interface development, inventory control, metrics and the establishment of quality standards, the deployment and the achievement of the objectives became quickly promising. The management of the team is being based on communication, comprehension and respect, the effectiveness and optimization remain a work of group, which is privileged in the approach in his type of management.

With his data-processing expertise and his operations management experience, Étienne Schmieder integrated in 2001 the Dassault systems group as a technological leader ensuring integration for the Delmia solutions products (DIGITAL Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application). At this point he developed its expertise in the simulation of the operations of production, as well in robotics and numerical control, as in "process planning". Advising companies such as Pratt & Whitney or Black & Decker on the adequate tools to use for simulation, Étienne Schmieder is one of the rare people in Canada to know the whole of these technologies.

After a contract in the “Societe de Transport de Montreal” as an analyst and adviser for the integration of maintenance, he is now interested with any opportunity enabling him to apply its acquired competences as well as its fickleness of spirit.

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